One of the major issues across the board in the current global system is an inherent reliance upon the ‘middle-man’ system. Now, this isn’t a system which is a revolution in any modern sense but rather designed to ensure that a certain few are always receiving vast amounts of influence and wealth simply from a flow of money throughout the global economy.

This design has roots within the Medici family and saw their bank reign supreme for 100 years and beyond that, their bloodline and dynasty continue on. This hereditary design of this system is still alive today. And, it is what the current monetary system is built upon.

The banking system is plagued with the ‘middle-man’ in the form of clearing houses and other mechanisms which merely facilitate transactions. These all take their fees, and make a profit on quite simply observing your money… or, more recently, observing digits on a screen.

Not only are these relics of a time when this was indeed necessary, but they are also leaching off of the hard earned money of the everyday person making simple transactions.

So how do we deal with this injustice?… The Blockchain.

Now, I know you are probably sick and tired of hearing about the Blockchain. Either you know about it, or you don’t need to know about it. But, I’m not coming at it from the tech angle; I’m coming at it from the ‘we really need this to work’ angle.

Imagine the internet as an organism. An organism which is evolving, growing and changing all the time but it only grows as fast and with the high quality which is limited by the potential of a central control point. Its knowledge and flow of information slowly pulsing through the matrix, relying on the central structures set in place by the outdated systems that prop it all up.

Compare that organism to another. This other one is evolving like its counterpart, but it does not report to a center point. It evolves, and using its own momentum keeps evolving and growing, in a very asexual manner; ultimately exploding into an entirely new form of species. Now take that organism, and imagine that is happening but not only is there just 1 ongoing development; there are thousands, simultaneously. All of these developments are not reliant on anything other than themselves and their limitless potential. The flow of data is comparable to that of white water, compared with its counterpart which is much more like a stagnant pond.

Which one do you want to be part of?

Which do you think can and will provide you with the most benefit?

At TheCryptoCrowd we have the answers. And we are building a community determined to maximize its potential.

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