Our platform has two key parts: Education & Prediction

The education platform involves working with esteemed professors across London to devise an elegant solution to a rather grotesque problem: the inequality of education. We are a team of like-minded people who are dedicated to this cause and have started work on our prototype.

Our solution is a radically simple one: take learning away from being a simple memory test, and turn it into a comprehensive development platform. People shouldn’t fear knowledge, people shouldn’t be proud of being bad at Maths. They should want to succeed. The only reason there are such negative associations with education is because of negative experiences. We want to rid people of those experiences and provide them with lifelong tools for understanding our content and how to approach education in a much more beneficial way.

How does our platform work?

Firstly, our content is in bitesize chunks. And, as you develop through it you won’t be blindsided by anything that is beyond what you can handle, or in an unnecessary volume. Further to that, we outline what you need to know, and our syllabus has been tailored and refined by esteemed professors to ensure you gain a grasp of the absolute fundamentals of the entire space.

Our content is broken down into 5 key areas:

  1. Crypto 101
  2. Crypto & the Blockchain
  3. Security
  4. The Noise
  5. Crypto Expert.

We believe in teaching you not only an understanding of Blockchain technology, but also how to secure yourself, how to read the markets, demonstrate a bias within traditional media outlets, and advance your knowledge from there.

A diverse platform:

Our platform also powers a podcast designed to give you an informal taste of everything Crypto presented by a nerd and a novice. This way, you can really internalize content and develop it yourself to really develop your knowledge to match those of the wider environment.

We go beyond just arbitrary education content delivery. Our testing system is designed to be adaptive, and resistant to cheating. We have developed vast banks of questions ensuring randomized requirements for each individual passing through our system. This means that we can ensure that somebody who doesn’t pass the first time can’t simply memorize and repeat to pass through and access the information they don’t understand. We are focused on ensuring everyone moves at their own pace and develop properly.

Our backend tech is cutting edge, which will be discussed in future posts… so definitely stay tuned for some incredible innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Crytpo Crowd has two platforms. Of equal importance. Yes, we aim to build a crowd to make collective predictions on the market. But first, we need to educate that crowd.

Crypto is a whole new world. Let’s learn about that world together!

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