Hello, and happy Monday! The best day of the week in our opinion, because we’re looking forward to another week of making great things happen. Here at the CryptoCrowd, we are fresh, ready to work and really, really, really, well organized.

“But how!?” …you ask.

Put yourself in our shoes for a moment…

Our team is up and coming, distributed all across the world, and there are a million things to do. Yet we are still producing some of the coolest Crypto content out there, regularly updating you guys on our social media, creating the most exciting educational platform ever to hit blockchain and building an innovative ecosystem that makes collective predictions in a market unlike that has ever been seen before! And all of this at the same time.

Well today ladies and gents, we are going to let you into one of our little secrets. A secret that goes by the name of… CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is, in our opinion, the number 1 marketing calendar in existence.  It allows us to plan, create, and promote our content and projects all in one place. It saves us time and helps us grow our audience (that’s you!) through smart marketing plans and efficient team collaboration. Ultimately it is incredibly pivotal to helping us spread the word of the CryptoCrowd project, in this very early development stage.

Just in case you are not caught up. Let me explain quickly who we are. The CryptoCrowd is a new way to invest in projects using or connected to, blockchain and crypto technology. We combine:

  1. An eLearning platform that aims to educate a global audience about the exciting new world of Crypto and all things blockchain.
  2. A place where anyone can be rewarded by helping us to research, make predictions and evaluate projects – from equities to the latest blockchain platforms.
  3. A way for anyone – regardless of wealth or experience – to instantly and safely invest into a diversified portfolio of projects (from traditional stocks and shares to crypto startups).

In doing so, we want to build a community that, through collective intelligence, can make precise and exciting predictions of where the market is heading. Thus as a secondary goal, we are using this data to advise our investors as to the direction of our growing investment fund. Of which, of course, rewards will be returned to those who helped to make the most successful predictions. It is an incredibly exciting project that has already involved a vast array of people, working around the clock and around the planet. Last week we launched our #Alpha site which you can check out (and register to) here. But there is no way we could have coordinated ourselves so successfully without the use of CoSchedule.

CoSchedule’s ‘5 Point Overview’ is without a doubt the best option for understanding just how fantastically helpful of a tool it is to a company such as ourselves. And perhaps, for any other innovative new startups out there. Let’s explain just how the team here, uses each tool to our own unique benefit:

  • Calendar: We use this to pre-plan our social media posts so that we can produce content in advance, tailored to the time and date we think you guys will be most interested in hearing it. Likewise, we schedule calls, meetings, events, travel and so much more, such that everyone in the team is aware of what we are all doing and when.
  • Projects: With an array of communications apps cluttering up our smartphones today more than ever, CoSchedule is built for the marketing community in mind, thus unnecessary extras that might feature in other platforms are eliminated and only the tools required for a successful marketing community are embedded, with well-designed ease.
  • Social Campaign: Shush! We’re not really supposed to talk about these because we’ve got some super exciting, top secret social media projects planned for the near future. Nonetheless, let me ensure you that by CoSchedule creating a platform which permits the whole team to see the campaign’s progression in real time. Our projects will be incredibly succinct with a clear efficiency that old-school startups could have only dreamed of.
  • Dashboard: Organisation is key! And the handle on that key is effective communication. Using the dashboard function, our team keeps its discussion in one place. We’re all on the same page (or screen one could say), and we can keep up to date with any hiccups that we might encounter throughout the day.
  • Analytics: This one is so important to us! As a small (yet growing) team, our time is precious and we need to know that our efforts are producing the desired goals. Therefore, the analytics tab is fantastic in updating us on the efficacy of all our social campaigns across all of our mediums. We might not always get it right, that’s okay, but by CoSchedule analyzing the data for us, we can learn and be ready next time.

The Crypto Crowd would not be where it is today without the practicality that CoSchedule brings to a team spread so widely, both from a geographical and time requirements perspective. It is an incredible tool that we would recommend to any startup out there.

Check out CoSchedule here today: https://coschedule.com/r/o747401

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