Let’s be honest, every crypto trader began alone investing in cryptocurrencies and emerging markets. Some were very successful, others did okay, and the rest, well, they were fatal. If we were to make an analogy it would be like sex in adolescence: “Everyone does it, but nobody really knows how to do it.”

Upon recognizing this problem, the idea of The Crypto Crowd was born. Through the use of “Crowd wisdom” intelligence, we can have better results and outperform the market. The University of Pennsylvania did a study on crowd wisdom and were able to outperform the market by up to 78%

It was then that we asked ourselves: Why not make a platform amongst people interested in investing, which through predictions, can find the necessary data to make better decisions together?

That’s how we started with the idea. But then we encountered another problem. How can we make sure that people who make market predictions have previous experience investing in Cryptomoney? The answer was simple. Create our own educational platform: tailored to FinTech. Through which you can learn to invest and not fall into the trap of losing money in “hunches” or ICOs that in the end turn out to have no value. The Crypto Crowd founders are a select group of investors and enthusiasts with the sole purpose to make money for everyone in our crowd. Although traditional markets are not predictable, crypto markets are much more volatile, hard to predict and unregulated. This makes it difficult for bots and individuals to keep positive return on equity (ROI) over time. Making investment decisions without having the knowledge to know what are you doing is gambling. That’s why our learning platform is a key part of our project. Learn while you predict the market with us. You don’t have to invest in a single DogeCoin to start earning! Simply start predicting and/or learning for our courses.

We are proud to announce the launch of our closed Alpha. The only thing that you need to do to start predicting and earning points is to sign up here:


All points that you made in this phase of the alpha will be converted to tokens once our Beta version is ready.

The Crypto Crowd will change the way people invest!

Participate now and get white-listed at https://thecryptocrowd.io

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