At the Crypto Crowd, our ethos centers on the need to fix many of the problems which plague numerous industries, but specifically education.

Education today must consider a 21st Century approach. An approach that parts with the traditional and embraces the innovative. An approach that includes everyone.

What are the current issues with education?

  1. A level playing field. In the current system, and this can be dependable throughout the globe, the education system does not benefit everyone equally. When somebody starts school, until the day they finish, unequal opportunities affect the system. Certain people will receive benefits which are provided to them, rather than earnt. For example, someone born in an affluent area is much more likely to achieve their potential and much beyond, due to the smooth road they follow through life. This, compared with someone who is from a poorer area, is not even a competition. Such a simple injustice is compounded when you factor a bunch of other variables such as ability, attitude, environment, family, school, understanding… and much, much more.
  2. One Size Fits All. A blanket approach to education is another point of failure. The unfortunate attitude of most systems is to treat all children the same and to simply get them from one point to the next. This fails most people. It fails them because everyone is an individual, and fundamentally unique, that they require thousands of hours of individual focus in order to expose the nuances which will make them great. Education systems are deeply flawed. Possibly by design. And do not allow individuals to be developed in such a way.
  3. Arbitrary targets. The arbitrary targets set by systems is another serious issue. A focus on individuals passing meaningless exams is simply turning people into machines which obey. This approach leads people away from challenging their weaknesses and ensures that they stay well within the worn path, walked by others. This approach has failed almost everyone.

Where do we fit into this?

At the Crypto Crowd, we want to tear the whole script up. Our focus is to develop your financial knowledge, your technological knowledge, and your knowledge of investing; to allow you to access the benefits reserved for those in the upper class.

Our approach is simple, we provide dynamic and adaptive content, with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence designed to show us, in real time, where you need help. But also, where you excel and build upon that. Using these advanced technological methods means we can approach educational content in a way not done before, and test it to demonstrate how effective it can be.

Our trifecta is focused on exposing those strengths of your knowledge base, and to allow you to add value and earn whilst you are gaining experience elsewhere. All of this works towards your development across the sectors and allows you to yield a benefit whilst you do so.

The design we have mapped shows clearly how we will build the foundations and develop solutions across the board to fix these problems. We are using a decentralized system which allows for input from ‘nodes’ around the world which will ensure that a high quality is achieved throughout this development, and our expert advisors will ensure that our tech is Best In Class.

The Crypto Crowd wants to educate all generations about the innovative world of the blockchain. Everyone is invited. And everyone CAN succeed.

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