Anonymous, decentralized and open. This is what we have obtained from our recent insights into the analysis of crypto and blockchain.

At The Crypto Crowd, we genuinely see this as the future of online commerce and companies will come to use this technology for their own efficiency, not out of desire but ultimately, as a necessity. This is not a subjective prediction, rather we perceive it as an objective fact. For this reason, we are looking to build an investment fund targeted at blockchain initiatives.

Hold up! Don’t be put off by the word investment! We are not looking to take your money! Rather, we want your help.

You see, we know that there is a huge community of individuals out there with the potential and knowledge to be wildly successful blockchain investors. However, often they have neither the means or the capital to do so themselves. Therefore, we want you to join the community!

Our alpha site was launched earlier this week. And the beta will be coming out very soon. Followed by an app! Upon (free) registration, you will have the tools at your disposal to make predictions and publications about your thoughts and insights of the blockchain markets. Collectively then, our AI system will decipher the community’s collective decision which will be pivotal to our fund managers’ investment direction.

In doing so. By being part of this community. You shall be rewarded with points which will soon represent our own token. A token that we are sure will soon hold significant value. The last several posts have outlined the necessity of having blockchain technology in everyday life. It is, therefore, an incredibly attractive opportunity for investment. You can help us with that by only forgoing your time. But the rewards will be tremendous.

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