About Us

TheCryptoCrowd is changing the way Retail Funds operate. We are taking the outdated model that exists currently, and applying modern technology to it. We are taking the principles of risk management, consumer protection and great returns; and applying them to our fund with a twist.

Our equation is simple:

Crowd Wisdom + Expert Fund Managers * (Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning) = Unmatched Profit

Our system allows us to outperform the market by up to 74% in both bull and bear markets, through intelligent design and diversification. We are the world’s first inclusive retail fund, providing financial and educational benefits to the entire crowd whether you have lots of money, or no money at all.

A tripartite design allows us to work with you, and produce a mutual benefit:

The Fund – We invest your money safely, producing returns which outperform the market

The Crowd – We take your predictions, input them to our investment engine, and share our profits with you

The Education – You gain the necessary experience to protect yourself and profit from the market. You also gain financially by improving our content